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Your company is already operating at an international level or wants to expand abroad? You happen to work in a specialist area and need assistance from an advisor with in-depth knowledge?

This is the advantage of our network: If you need advice from a specialist, we bring a specialist on board – no matter where in Germany his or her Moore Global member firm might be located. We know each other and work closely together to help your business grow.

Renewable Energy Act of 2017 | CHP Act | Energy Law

Rising energy costs and stricter statutory energy efficiency requirements are creating a burden for energy-intensive companies.

The experts at MOORE STEPHENS rely on their extensive energy industry expertise to help companies and industries find approaches and solutions for these issues.

This includes reviewing applications for reduction of the renewable energy charge for energy-intensive companies (special compensation regime) as well as examinations in connection with the CHP Act,  electricity price compensation and the Concession Fees Ordinance. Clarifying questions of interpretation and matters of doubt within the framework of general consultations relating to energy law is also part of their area of expertise.

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IT audits and IT consulting

Accounting is going digital, and failure to meet the requirements involves substantial risks.

The tax authorities have altered their auditing procedures and data analysis now plays a key role in tax audits. Given the rules established by the GoBS and GoBD principles, as well as e-accounting and e-invoicing, it is important to keep in mind proper accounting practices in advance. This is reinforced by the introduction of document management systems.

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Public sector

Digitization and tax law trigger an evolution in the public sector.

Tax law in the public sector has always been a specialized affair, and the adoption of §2b of the VAT Act will make it dramatically more complex. Under this statute, the public sector is understood as businesses engaged in providing basic services, an unparalleled challenge. At the same time, electronic invoicing, the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the German government’s “critical infrastructure” initiative impose new organizational and IT requirements. Given this combination of requirements, the introduction of a tax compliance system gives executive bodies the opportunity to structure their responsibilities in a manageable fashion.

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Cyber security

The foundation for digitization, BIG DATA, Industry 4.0, the IoT: data security.

As the digitization trend proceeds at a rapid pace in all spheres of human activity, it has become evident again and again that this does not work without data security. In particular, transferring business-critical data into the cloud and all communications, whether B-to-B, B-to-C, or M-to-M, open the door to manipulation of the data. Techniques like Blockchain try to counteract this risk. Cyber security is indispensable, allowing you to move about freely in the new future. Of relevance in this regard are not merely the potential for cyber-attack and the readiness of your existing systems, but also recommendations for action and future requirements.

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The China desk

We can handle specialized matters in Chinese, we’re entrepreneurial thinkers and we speak your language.

The China desk is headed by our Chinese colleague Ms. Yang.

This allows us to ensure that Chinese clients will have a professionally competent partner on their side whom they can rely on, and one who is also a native speaker and familiar with Chinese culture.




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Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are among the most exciting, but also the most challenging, fields of corporate activity.

This is particularly true for mid-sized companies, for which transactions of this kind represent more the exception than the rule. The motivations and interests behind these transactions vary from case to case, as do the expertise and experience of the persons involved. Given this situation, a successful transaction requires a clear strategy, a flexible and efficient framework and a carefully planned integration process. At the same time, financial, tax and legal aspects must be taken into account and combined to create a top-to-bottom approach. If this can be done, M&A transactions are a key building block for successful mid-sized companies.



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Company in crisis? We’ll help get you through the storm.

The Moore Stephens experts will assist you with top-to-bottom strategic approaches for getting through the crisis. We know that there is an acute need for action. That’s why we don’t waste time talking, but instead help you develop constructive and cooperative restructuring and reorganization plans, which we will explain at meetings of the creditors’ pool and creditors’ meetings.

You can count on us.

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Big Data

An endless flood of data: big data analysis provides essential data for decision-makers.

Anyone can collect data. The trick is to find the RIGHT information from among the mountains of data, the information which is important for management of the company. In the old days, companies relied heavily on their accounting departments to make this determination, but those days are over. In the era of the IoT, Industry 4.0 and sophisticated CRM systems, detailed data analysis is extremely important as this provides the foundation for ascertaining when action needs to be taken and for deriving the relevant alternatives.

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International Tax Law

Cross-border transactions involve both risks and opportunities.

Cross-border economic interests and business relationships have to contend with different tax rules in the various states. Accordingly, one aspect of international tax law is balanced distribution of the tax base without adversely affecting the taxpayer.

Of course, an aspect which is just as important is taking advantage of legitimate taxpayer benefits arising e.g. from competition among various states. Our specialists have mastered this complex field of tax law: we know national and international tax rules and implement them effectively for you by identifying risks and opportunities associated with the interaction of global private operators and state actors.



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