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We can do corporate finance too!

In the brand new Corporate Finance newsletter, our colleague Marc Lange has prepared exciting information on all aspects of company valuation for you in compact form. In the current issue you will find court rulings on net asset value as well as changes to the International Valuation Standards (IVS).

We provide an overview of the development of key capital cost parameters (prime rate, market risk premiums and sector betas) as well as current sector multiples and selected economic data.

If you would like to deepen your knowledge in the areas of valuation and corporate finance, we recommend downloading the Moore BRL Corporate Finance Newsletter (German language only) free of charge.

Marc Lange



Who doesn’t dream of studying at Harvard one day? To live and learn at its famous campus?

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New mandatory IIA standards for internal auditing from 2025

Our RAS team has published an exciting blog post:

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We are Moore

Happy International Women’s Day!

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